Handling Incompletes in Canvas

Please read the following important information before you submit an Incomplete request. To submit a request, please send an email to canvas@humboldt.edu with:

  • Course name
  • CRN
  • Student name
  • Date for Completion

Once the Canvas Admin has verified the Incomplete request with the Registrar's Office, an Incomplete "section" will be added to the Canvas course for the student to complete during the next academic year.

Faculty will need to update assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc. to assign new due dates. REMINDER: Students only have 1 year to complete the agreed to work in order to get a final grade so choose due dates that will allow completion by the 1 year deadline.

General Information on Incompletes

  • If the incomplete is not removed within one (1) calendar year following the end of the term during which it was assigned, it shall be counted as an "F" ("NC" in CR/NC courses) in calculating grade point average.

  • The "I" symbol shall be used only when the faculty member concludes that a small clearly identifiable portion of course requirements cannot be met within the academic term for unforeseen reasons. An Incomplete shall not be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend a major portion of the class when it is next offered.

  • An Incomplete is also prohibited where the normal practice requires extension of course requirements beyond the close of a term, e.g., thesis or project type courses. In such cases use of "SP" symbol is required.

  • The instructor will write the conditions for the removal of the Incomplete within the hard copy form (see Forms site) and give it to the student with a copy placed on file with the department chair until the incomplete is removed or the time for removal has passed.

  • An Incomplete shall be removed within one year following the end of the term during which it was assigned. If the Incomplete is not removed within the prescribed time limit it shall be counted as an "F" grade in calculating grade point average (NC in CR/NC courses).

Practice for Handling Incompletes in Canvas

An Incomplete (I) Grade should be given only when the student can complete the remaining coursework on an individual basis with the instructor. Canvas can be used to facilitate course completion; however, faculty CANNOT add the student into a similar Canvas course taught during any subsequent semesters.

The student CANNOT attend a similar section of the course in a subsequent semester; this stipulation includes re-registering for the course. In some special instances, such as a lab class, attendance may be required for the portion of the class or lab section missed.

The instructor designates the specific length of time in which the student must complete the remaining course work. If the student is unable to meet the deadline agreed upon by the instructor, the instructor may grant an extension of time to the student; however, all of the remaining coursework must be completed within one year of the original end date for the course. If the coursework is not made up within the maximum one year time-frame, the student’s ‘I’ Grade will automatically be changed to an ‘F’ Grade.

Incompletes will be handled in Canvas by having the Canvas Admin create a new section within the course where the student or students received the incomplete grade, allowing them to access the course space when the other students can no longer access the space. The instructor will work with the student(s) in the new section to complete whatever work has been agreed to in order to assign a final grade.

Questions? Please contact Canvas Support at 707.826.3633 or canvas@humboldt.edu