Communication FAQs

  1. How do I change the Notifications settings?

  2. What is the difference between Canvas Announcements and Inbox/Conversations?

    • Announcements are usually time-sensitive information sent to all students not requiring a response (can be closed for comments after posting to prevent replies to the whole class).
    • Canvas Inbox/Conversations are for private information between instructors and students, typically individual or groups of students.
    • Both options send an email to the students.
    • Course must be published in order for students to receive a notification of an announcement.
  3. How do I reply to a Canvas email from my Gmail account?

  4. I am having trouble receiving emails from Canvas to my Humboldt Gmail account. If you use an email alias, e.g.,, you must add this email address to Canvas in order to recieve notices directly from Canvas to Gmail.

  5. How do I contact my students in Canvas?