Student FAQ

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  • Why can’t I log into Canvas? You may not yet have an account in Canvas because not all courses have been moved over yet. If no-one can log into Canvas, check whether the network is down first.
  • Why can’t I see my courses in Canvas? This may be due to a wait-list or add-drop enrollment process, or late enrollment at Humboldt. Double-check your student records before submitting a ticket for this.
  • Where can I go for 24/7 questions? Canvas 24/7 Premier Support answers your Canvas questions via email, chat (click the HELP button on the lower left corner of your screen in Canvas) or by phone at 844-3334-0177.
  • How can I request technical support? There may be a few occasions when the Canvas support people need to refer you back to Humboldt's Technology Help Desk for final resolution of your problem. Submit an ITS technical support request here.
  • How to add files in Canvas. This is a two step process:

  • How to add files/images to your Canvas files

  • How to embed image in discussion reply